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Our Middle school is truly a special age, as students develop quickly in so many areas.  Having built a solid foundation in elementary school, we aim for middle school students to pursue their dreams and develop new interests. 

While students take daily classes in Literature, Composition, History, Science, Chinese, and Math, it is how our teachers teach that makes the difference.  Last year was our first graduating class, but we are building on a strong foundation to offer more opportunities for our students each year.

Daily Schedule

• Middle School Daily Schedule

Literature and Composition classes are scheduled so that students are placed at the level most appropriate to their abilities.  Teacher Joanna teaches students using remedial English curriculum with clearly explained reading strategies and writing forms invaluable to ESL students.  Teacher Jaime and Megan teach at level students using a wider variety of literature, writing styles, and techniques.  Teacher Tom teaches advanced writers to analyze literature from an author's perspective, and learn to express these authors themes and their own through art, technology, and beautiful prose.  They have refined their styles and techniques through years of experience in US schools and built an exceptional program here.

Singapore Math

In Social Studies, Teacher Chandler helps students understand the world around them, and how it came to be.  Emphases include Human and Physical Geography, Ancient and Modern History, and Current events in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

In 2014 we will complete our 3 year transition to Math in Focus, in which Marshall Cavendish publishers use the best of Singapore Math teaching methods to reach Common Core Standards and further develop students Math reasoning skills.  In 2013, our graduating 8th grade students average SAT10 math scores exceeded 99.5% of American students. As our US certified teachers complete graduate training in teaching Singapore math and gain more experience with this curriculum we anticipate our students will enjoy, excel in, and find practical uses for their math skills even more in daily life.

Accelerated Science

Science classes currently use brand new Mcgraw-Hill and Glencoe iScience curriculum, fully integrating beautifully illustrated textbooks, digital resources, and lab inquiry.  We moved into our new building in 2013, allowing science classes to meet in a brand new laboratory equipped to US high school standards with US certified science teachers.   Our school is owned by the largest Silicon Foundry in China and surrounded by other High-tech corporations, so needless to say our parents are also very supportive of this program.  Our Principal and Directors also have graduate degrees and research experience, and are working with our teachers to ensure our students have a strong foundation for careers in Science.

IT / Music and Arts

We are also building a stronger IT program, with traditional PC labs, portable iPad labs, and elective courses.  Dr. Maico, Teacher Chang Cheng, and teacher Pan have ensured our new building is well equipped for all our technology needs.  Computers in each classroom are integrated with digital projectors, audio, wireless, and wired networks.  The computer lab is equipped with iMacs, PC s, and iPads which can be checked out for use in the classroom or outdoor labs.   Beyond learning keyboarding and competence with Office, students also learn to use Keynote, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and others to prepare sophisticated presentations and manuscripts.  In addition to Music and Art classes and electives, students demonstrate their musical and artistic talent to thousands of people each year in charity events organized at the school and nearby companies.


While our school choir is well established, students take most instrumental classes during 8th hour electives or outside schools.  Several of our students compete nationally and internationally.  In addition to western and Chinese musical instruments, students can take a variety of extracurricular classes in the arts, foreign languages, academic subjects and sports.

PE and Field Trips

Middle school students may choose between PE class or seasonal sports teams, including Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Badminton, and boys and girls Basketball.   Teams practice during school and compete BASSA league schools in evening games or Saturday tournaments.  Check out this year's photos, and game schedule here. 

In fall 2014, our middle school students toured a large textile factory run by the parent of a former student, seeing the technology and economics of how cotton is made into thread, dyed, spun, made into fabric and garments, and how the wastewater is treated before reuse or discharge into rivers.  We take trips at least once each semester; past trips have included hiking and camping, museums, and company tours.