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Expections for ET Elementary School Students:

1st grade expectations

2nd grade expectations

3rd grade expectations

4th grade expectations

Grade 6-9 Expectations


Question:What is the Difference Between Our School and Other International Schools?

Answer:Our school is a private school that offers billingual interaction between students so as to promote cultural diversity as well as to help our students receive a more natural form of language education. To help fulfill the entirety of our students' needs, we provide two seperate sections of the school: an English track and a Chinese track.

The English Track's educational layout is based on and fully meets the guidelines provided by the U.S. Education System. Open only to foreigners with international passports, the English Track maintains a diverse range of cultures while still emphasizing the study of the English language in both academics and social activities. Main courses are taught by prestigious foreign teachers, who have multiple years of experience in teaching in the U.S., and daily Chinese courses are taught by fully authentic Chinese teachers according to the respective student's proficiency. 

The Chinese Track follows the local Beijing education system while still immersing the students with an English education and interaction with native speakers. All local students, as well as foreigners, are allowed entrance as long as they pass a rigorous entrance exam, which is part of the regular admissions process. 

Question:For How Long Does the Average School Day Last?

Answer:The regular school day starts at 7:50 in the morning and officially ends at 3:05. The numerous after-school activities provided last from 3:05 to 4:00 P.M. The buses leave at 4:10, allowing all students ample time to move from their courses. Parents are able to pick up their children at 3:05 or anytime between it and the arrival of the schoolbuses if requested and present at the main entrance.


Question:What Are the Subjects Tested On Within the Admissions Exam?

Answer:Students applying for the English Track will be tested on their proficiency in the English language, which includes oral comprehension as well as reading and writing abilities, and Math.

Students applying for the Chinese Track will be tested on their skills in both Chinese and English, as well as Math.

Question:Can My Child Only Apply for A Single Semester (Half-Year Term)?

Answer:When our admissions have free space, we normally allow for students that will only attend for a single semester。

 Question:How Are SMIC School's Tuition Fees Used within The School Year?

Answer:Please contact our Admissions office。

 Question:Can Parents Listen To Their Students Courses?

Answer:To alleviate concerns about their children's education, parents are allowed to listen in from outside of the classroom door during previously appointed times. They are, however, not allowed to enter the classroom.



Question:What Are the Available Courses?

Answer:Students within the English Track are taught according to the Texas and Californian Education System's curriculum. Students within the Chinese Track are taught based on the curriculum set by local Beijing Education Commission.

Question:What is the Average Size of A Class?

Answer:Usually, student populations within classes range between 25 and 30. 

Question: What is the Ratio between Students and Teachers?

Answer: We offer an excellent ratio of 1.17 students for each teacher available.

Question:Does the English Track Emphasize Chinese Learning?

Answer:The Chinese level of the majority of the English Track can nearly or fully reach that of native speaker. Their skills are so proficient as to be able to learn the same Chinese articles and more ancient poems as the Chinese Track; they are able to easily use it as another form of communication - a second language. Our improvised curriculum allows students to not only take advantage of the renowned Texas education system, but also Chinese in its most effective and native of forms. This helps our prospective students to succeed in the future using the two most commonly used languages in the world. 

Question:Why Does the Chinese Track Emphasize English Learning?

Answer: There are many reasons.

1. The emphasis of an English Education has already become a trend within educational development in China. Recent years have shown that a proficiency within the English language has become an important goal for schools. Furthermore, a growing majority believes that the billingual ability to effective use both Chinese and English is becoming not only a important factor within a student's moral, cultural, and intellectual education, but it has seen a growing amount of practicality within today's international society.

2. The majority of the students that we receive come from foreign backgrounds, where Chinese is not necessarily a foremost factor within education. We hope that by pursuing a billingual education system, we can help the assimilation of foreign families as well as the satisfying of the need for an English education that is possessed by all of our students - most of them will be relocatinig to foreign education systems, and an effective use of the English language is vital in such situations, as it is regarded as the "International Language."

3. Most of the parents here have high expectations of our school, as they should. It is our hope that by embracing both English and Chinese we can reflect the desires of the parents, which is that their children learn to proficiently use both languages in their daily lives. 

4. By moving away from a singular language and culture into a multitude of them, we help our students to open their minds about the world, develop an international perspective, and broaden their minds. We help them not only to understand the traditional cultures of the Orient and China, but also to learn the essence of Western and other foreign culture. 



Question:What Types of Meals are Provided for the Daily Lunch?

Answer:In order to provide nutritional daily meals, the school cafeteria prepares a different set of courses for each day. Chinese cuisine takes the majority of the menu, while Western food is sometimes provided as well.

Question:Are Students Required to Eat the Provided Meals in the Cafeteria? Can They Bring Their Own Lunches from Home?

Answer:All attending students are required to eat the provided meals in the cafeteria. If there are special religious or medical concerns, please contact us. 

Question:Does the School Provide A School Bus Program?

Answer:Yes。Routes include the Development Zone line, Ma Qi Qiao (Bridge) Line and the Wang Jing Line. There are a total of six buses provided to transport students from a local area to the school. For related matter, you can contact Teacher Hui at 010-67853030-2125。