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Beijing SMIC Private School employs more than 60 expatriate teachers and 00 local teachers, and as we expand into our new building we continue to hire qualified staff throughout the year.  

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Overall, we have one of the lowest rates of teacher replacement you will find anywhere. Our teachers are committed to their students, and enjoy deep friendships with their coworkers.  Administrators make every effort to place teachers where they can refine their teaching skills and develop professionally, with opportunities for advancement to those that desire it.  

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Faculty Salary and Benefits 2017-2018                                                      

SMIC Relocation, Housing and Living Expense 2017

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Working for a growing company with $1.7 billion in annual revenue has definite benefits; you never have to worry about delayed salary payments or layoff's due to budget cuts. SMIC Private School offers salaries more than sufficient to cover the low cost of living in Yizhuang, as well as the following benefits for foreign staff:

  • Up to $2000 USD moving allowance
  • Reimbursed onboard airfare
  • Paid vacations (at least 6 weeks Summer break, at least 3 weeks Winter break, about 5 four-day holidays, 5 days paid leave)
  • Health insurance with automatic billing at many hospitals in Beijing and worldwide
  • Maternity leave with full salary
  • Professional development earning CEU's during school year
  • Highly subsidized tuition for children
  • Overtime pay for teaching over 20 classes per week
  • Profit sharing and additional bonuses during school year 
  • Work visa and Beijing residence permit
  • Access to indoor basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton facilities, and outdoor track and soccer field
  • Optional after-work recreation events (e.g. all school or all company banquets, tournaments in Badminton, Basketball, Track & Field)
  • Opportunities to transfer to SMIC Private schools in Shanghai 

Living in the Yizhuang BDA (Business Development Area)

Living in Yizhuang is getting easier every year as well. Whether, cycling, driving, taking bus or subway, Yizhuang is less congested and easy to get around.  Two new shopping plaza's have opened nearby, Lippo Plaza and Creative Life Plaza (with Sam's club).  McDonalds, KFC, Subway, and a half dozen pizza restaurants serve Western food nearby.  On weekends teachers fellowship in each other's homes or attend the nearby church, the subway and express buses reach the downtown expatriate fellowships and districts (CBD, Sanlitun) in less than 1 hour.  Yizhuang has many square miles of parks, lakes, rivers and natural areas to enjoy, and Decathlon has all the sports equipment you need to enjoy them.  There are many volunteer opportunities nearby as well, including New Day Foster Home and Shepherd's Field Children's Home within a short drive. 

English Track Positions

English track prefers applicants with teaching certificates or at least 4 years experience teaching in their field.  We currently have open positions in the following, but will also consider applicants with other concentrations.  Please click on the links below for Job descriptions.

Chinese Track Oral English Group Positions

The Elementary and Middle school classes in SMIC Chinese Track cover grades one to nine.  SMIC students have a higher level of English proficiency than most Chinese schools.  Students are taught all their classes in Chinese except for two classes each day in English.  Starting in 2015, we piloted a new English Language Arts program that we are continuing to develop and so SMIC Chinese Track has two English programs.

Our standard English program is a cooperation between a local Chinese teacher and a foreign teacher.  The local teachers will have one daily lesson focused on the technical aspects of the language, such as spelling and grammar while the foreign teacher will have one daily lesson emphasizing the oral side of the language. Students are encouraged to express themselves using the language they have been taught.

Our newest English Program, the ELA program, has a different approach and a different purpose.  Students in our ELA program are often preparing to go abroad.  With this focus in mind, both English classes are taught by the foreign teacher and are based on American curriculums.  Teachers are expected to cover all competencies, reading, writing, speaking and listening, and use a variety of methods to enhance learning.

We currently have openings for both elementary and middle school English teachers.  These openings may be for either ELA, oral English, or a combination of both positions. A flexible, energetic personality, love for children, and good classroom management skills are a must and teaching experience and certification is preferred. Teachers in either program will be responsible for lesson planning, daily homework assignments, quarterly mid-term and final exams, parental communications, and so on. Curriculum is provided and there are many supplementary resources and colleagues available to assist our staff.

Kindergarten Positions

The SMIC Private Kindergarten Beijing was founded in 2005, and has since grown to over 350 students. Beijing SMIC Kindergarten is famous in the local region, and has a long waiting list. Now we are building the second phase of our Kindergarten and will add 8 to 9 Montessori multi-age homerooms in 2014.

We care about young children's character development and emphasize character education. We have a solid bilingual curriculum.

Our English program utilizes Kids Brown, a child-oriented English curriculum featuring a multi-media interactive learning program. Our main teaching concept is to "make English practical, easy and fun". We emphasize practical, approachable and interesting language development.

Our English teachers adopt multi-component and multi-media teaching methods. 
Based on the different characteristics of each age, our English teachers plan out daily English teaching in integral, progressive, and systematic ways and interact with our students in a loving and caring manner.

Besides teaching English, our English teachers also take part in coordinating school events such as the Easter program, Fall harvest party and Christmas party, etc. Our English teachers have developed a deep relationship with local Chinese teachers by exchanging languages and exploring local culture.   We currently have one to two open positions for  Kindergarten ESL  teachers in August 2013.  

Application Process

In your application e-mail, please indicate which divisions you are interested in applying to, in order of preference, and one of the following directors will contact you for an interview in person or via Skype.  

  • Tiffany Harwick, English Track Elementary Academic Affairs Director
  • Thomas Rooney, English Track Middle School Curriculum/Scheduling Director
  • Bongse Memba, Chinese Track Oral English Department Head
  • Brandon Gong, Kindergarten English Department Head 
  • Bethany Rooney, English Kindergarten Director

Please also be preparing to send a digital copy of your diploma, teaching certificate, passport, and two references from current or previous supervisors using the form above.  These will be required before our Human Resources team can send you a formal Offer of Employment, and the originals will be required before we can complete processing your work visa.  

Want to know more? For more questions about our school, company, or community, please browse our website and check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.  The directors would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and after you have applied we will put you contact with current teachers who can answer more personal questions confidentially. 

Best of all, come visit us!  We are delighted to host visitors and even more happy when we receive applications from those we have met face to face and shown our school.