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SMIC library contracts with Scholastic to provide new Lexile based Reading Program

This year, our school library is pleased to contract with Scholastic to provide new Lexile based Reading Program.

Scholastic Literacy Pro™ is a browser-based program to help students improve their reading skills. It combines a reading assessment that computes students’ Lexile® measures with a reading management program that includes thousands of quizzes to assess independent reading.

The trial account for Scholastic LitPro and LitPro Library is available for use now. You can watch the User Guide Video or download LP Parent Guide to learn how to use this program, and Lexile Codes can help you to make a more suitable reading plan.



By: Caroline Shen (E7) and Galady Pan (E7)

  As the school year comes to the close, SMIC will bid farewell to several students who are graduating. The sixth-grade graduation ceremony will be held on June 29th in the morning in the auditorium, and the eighth-grade graduation will be on June 24th in the auditorium. Even though everyone in E9 will also be leaving the school, there will not be a graduation ceremony for ninth grade.

The graduation ceremonies will start with the principal’s speech and will be followed by an awards assembly. Lastly, students will perform different acts, such as playing piano and singing songs. They were selected by audition. Both the E8 and E6 graduation ceremonies will have three performances, and Teacher Joy is in charge of them. The E7 girls will sing a song for students who are leaving; they practiced for three weeks, both during and after school. The E8 class will perform song “History” by One Direction. They have been practicing after lunch in the second floor music classroom. “This is going to be the last class event we are really going to do together, so I don’t want to leave any regrets behind,” said Lina from E8. “I’m going to join, and I will make all of us happy and laugh until the end.” said Lina.

Most of the students said they are very sad about graduating, “I have been in this school for six years. I think this is the best school ever,” said Jack He in E6. “I’m really sad that I’m going to leave this school, but I’m also really happy because I can have new experiences in a new school,” he said.

Spring Lee in E9 agreed. “SMIC is a really good school, but it’s really sad that there is no high school in SMIC,” she said.

Some students said they don’t want to leave SMIC and go to other schools. “When I was in primary school, I didn’t have much confidence, no matter at school or after school at home. But when I came to SMIC and I found myself here, right now I know who I am, and what should I do next so clearly, and that made me really confident,” said Lily Lee from E8. After graduation, she might go to boarding school in the U.S. Lily said she learned many things that some cannot learn from the textbook at SMIC, and she made lots of friend. Although there are things that have made her sad, she said she really enjoys her life in SMIC, and she loves SMIC.

The teachers also gave their best wishes to the graduating students. “This is another step for their middle school life, and things aren’t always going to be easy,” said Teacher Matthew, the E6 homeroom teacher. “I want them to have confidence and face the problems and challenges, and don’t forget to have fun,” he said.

After graduation ceremony, E8 will go on a graduation trip to Xi’An on June 24th. They will stay there for four or five days. 

Fourth Quarter Events

By: Hebe Wen (E6) and Anna Sun (E6)

  The fourth quarter is nearly finished, and it has been full of events. From annual events like the science fair and sports day to new events like the war games field trip, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this quarter.

Sports Day

SMIC hosted its annual sports day on April 29th. Teacher Luke, one of the event planners, said that sports day helps students see another side of each other. “I think we do it to celebrate athleticism, youth, the gifts and abilities that we have,” he said. “It gives us a chance to see people’s gifts and abilities outside the classroom that aren’t seen everyday.” Events included long jump, high jump, shot put, overhead weighted ball toss, and several running events for middle school, as well as events like bean bag toss and jump rope for elementary students. Students of all ages from both ET and CT participated. Teacher Luke said that his favorite part of sports day is that the two tracks work together. “I think it’s one of the best days of the year that involves all the student body in that we’re competing for a common goal and seeing what the best we can bring out of people is,” he said. The relay race should have been in the afternoon of April 29th, but because of the pollution, the school decided to cancel all the events in the afternoon and move them to May 6th.


The drama class performed Sherlock Holmes for this semester on May 17th and 19th. This was a mysterious play with mysterious actors. The students built a set and performed in the black box theatre. Students enjoyed watching the performance, and said they were looking forward for their next performance.

Field Trip

Mr. Chandler and Teacher Nathan, the middle school social studies teachers, took students on a field trip to have “War Games” in Nanhaizi Park on May 31st.  Students from 6th through 9th grade participated in this activity. The students were divided into two groups: the 6th graders and the 8th graders vs. the 7th graders and 9th graders. Students had to decide who was their commander, who was their leader, and their roles in the “military”. The teachers didn’t participate, so it was the students’ responsibility to assign different roles. Students needed to develop tactics and plans, and they had flags of different colors to communicate with their group members.

Science Fair

  The science department held its annual science fair on the afternoon of June 3rd. Students from grade 3 and up made posters, projects, and boards about different topics and questions in science. The parents were invited to participate in the science fair. Parents helped younger students to create boards and projects, and older students worked on their projects in science class. Teacher Christie said, “I’m really partial to Science Fair being that I’m a science teacher. The science fair teaches students to brainstorm, collect ideas, and test their hypothesis.”


  The 6th and 8th grade graduation will be on Wednesday, June, 29th. A lot of students will be leaving SMIC after the ceremony, including some in E6 , some in E8, and also some in E9. Some middle school students volunteered to perform different kinds of acts such as playing different instruments, singing, and dancing during the ceremony. Students had to audition in order to perform, and teachers decided who would perform in the graduation ceremony.


SMIC Hosts 2nd Annual Spring Dance

By: Anita Chang (E6)

     On Friday, May 27th, the black box theatre was transformed from a quiet and dark room to a lively and beautiful dance hall for SMIC’s second annual spring dance. This year, the theme of the dance was “Glamorous Glow with the Flow.” Teacher Tiffany and Teacher Anna were in charge of planning this year’s dance.

     From 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., students and teachers danced to many styles of music. The songs that played in the dance hall were mostly well-known. They included Uptown Funk, Just Dance, Boom Clap, Whistle Baby, Call Me Baby, and other similar songs. Boys invited girls to dance with them, and groups of girls also danced and sang together.

Students said they really enjoyed this year’s dance. “I think it's awesome!” said Martin in E8. Gigi in E6 also said that she felt happy and excited.  Celine from E8 said that this year’s dance was even better than last year’s.  “I think this year's Spring Dance is an improvement compared to last year's, in terms of being more organized, better food, and people are more opened up,” she said.

Because of the theme “Glamorous Glow with the Flow,” the room was only lit with blacklights, which made light-colored clothing glow, and decorated with glow-in-the dark decals and paintings on the roof and walls.

Students used glow sticks and other items that could glow in the dark.  They made the glow sticks into all kinds of things and wore them in creative ways. Clara Kim from E7 made the glow sticks into a headband, Kevin Lee from E7 tied the glow sticks around his feet, and Fiona Shi from E7 made a glowing ball with colorful glow sticks. “I think this year's theme is awesome! The decorations and paintings were amazing. I bet many people enjoyed playing around with glow sticks and other glowing things,” she said.

The theme was selected by student votes. While some students preferred other themes, many thought that the theme was awesome.  “I think the theme was a very good idea and it was pretty cool,” said Macie in E8. Gigi in E6 said, “ I think the theme is good, but sometimes I can’t see the ones wearing black.”

Chinese Teacher Zhang said that the glowing theme was a great idea, but the dance hall was overall very dark and small. She suggested that if there were a little more light and the dance hall were a little bigger, the dance would be even more awesome.

The dance also included dinner. Teachers and students’ parents prepared lots of food for the dance, including sushi, cupcakes, juice, sandwiches and many other kinds of food. Students and teachers ate together and chatted while they were eating. Students also talked about fun things with each other. “I think it turned out better than last year, especially the food,” said Macie from E8.

Students were allowed to bring one guest from outside the school. English Track students could also invite Chinese Track middle schoolers to the dance. This was a good way for the two tracks to spend time together and become closer to each other and make more friends.

The spring dance really helped students enjoy their time by hanging out with friends and classmates. Even though this was a purely social event, students also learned things from the dance. “I learned that if you are shy and embarrassed to go up and dance, you will definitely not enjoy it,” said Celine from E8. “But if you force yourself out of your comfort zone and let it go, you will definitely not regret it.”


Sandstorm 2016 Basketball Season

By: Sunny Li (E6) and Angela Cui (E7)

This year the Lady Sandstorms finished their season undefeated and the boys took home the championship.  Coach Matt coached the boys and C. Linh and C. Tom coached the girls. Our basketball  team played a total of eight games against BCIS, Haileybury, Hope International, Keystone and BWYA. The closest game for the girls was against Hope where they won 14:13 and the boys won 31:27.  “Basketball is tricky, sometimes. But most of the time it can be counted as one of those best sports ever  invented,” said Lucy.X in E7. When asked about the team, Coach Matt said, “I have been very impressed.” And for good reason. This year, the girls won all seven of their games, plus the championship, and the boys went 4:4 and won the championship. Here’s a quick rundown of the games and scores.

2016 Season

1  - BCIS (A)        boys  49:45  (win)

                            girls  22:12   (win)

2 - Haileybury(A)    boys 25:35   (lose)

                               girls  18:2      (win)

3 - Hope (A)               boys 31:27   (win)

                                  girls 14:13    (win)

4 - Haileybury (H)     boys 18:26   (lose)

                                 girls  19:0      (win)

5 -Keystone(A)         boys 18:25   (lose)

6-  BWYA (H)              boys  30:22   (win)

                                   girls  20:10   (win)

7- YCIS (A)                 boys  39-28  (lose)

                                   girls   23-14  (win)

8- BCIS    (A)              boys  50:29   (win)

                                   girls   23:14   (win)



Boys’ Tournament

1  - Hope            29:8  (win)

2 - Keystone      26-12 (win)

3 - BIBS             26-12 (win)

4 - BWYA           20-16 (lose)

Final Vs. BWYA   33-29 (win) 1st Place!


Girls’ Tournament

1  - BWYA           14:3  (win)

2 - SMIC 2           34-15 (win)

3 - HIS                 17-2 (win)

Final Vs. HIS        23-7 (win) 1st Place!


SMIC Serves the Community  

By: Tracia Pan (E7)

Almost every student and teacher in ET knows by now that there’s a new elective called Community Service. Are you curious about what that is? What they do? Where they meet? Enough with the questions, let’s take a look at what this elective is about.

While other students spend their Tuesday and Thursday 6th & 7th period electives in Journalism, Drama, Model UN, and Digital Study Hall, 12 others are busy in community service. Taught by Teacher Matthew, they meet in his classroom on the third floor (2310A). This is the first year this class is offered at SMIC.  Christina in E6 said she joined community service because it helps the community.

When Candy, a student in E6, was asked what they do in the community service, she said that they are finding nonprofit organizations first. “Then, we are preparing to visit some places like animal shelters. We are also creating posters for our school, cause we want students to raise some money, toys, and clothes for those poor little kids.”

When we asked Teacher Matthew why they started the class, he said that the school already hoped to have a elective like community service. So he thinks its good to have this elective  After looking at all of this do you want to join this class next semester? Well, maybe community service is the right elective for you.


Adventure Challenge Run

By: Lucy Lu (E7)

On Friday, April 22nd, SMIC hosted its first Adventure Challenge Run. This was organized by Teacher Christie and Teacher Luke W.

Students ran about three kilometers around the school, through the hallways, and even on to the roof of the school.  Cinderella, a student in E7, said that  she thinks it is really interesting to run through the whole school. However, another student said that she thought it is not that interesting.

“What we want to do is create a very intense running course,” said Teacher Christie. “I think this is going to be one that we will put in a history book. Something that kids are going to look back on and say that ‘wow that was the best thing that was ever done in our school’s history.” Students said they also hope we continue doing this every year.

The Adventure Challenge Run also supported charities. Part of the money from the 100 RMB registration fee went to purchasing participation t-shirts, while the rest helped support charities. Students were also told to bring a package of diapers to donate to local orphanages.


Cafeteria Raises Lunch Prices

By: Grace and Fiona (E7)

This new semester comes with a few changes. One is the rise of the lunch prices in the cafeteria. Instead of costing 12, 14, and 18 kuai, respectively, the lunch options now cost 14, 16, and 20 kuai.

Because some students wanted to know more about these new costs for our food, interviewees E9 Laura Brock, E6 Cristina Shu, and E6 Victoria Wang agreed to answer a few questions about what they thought about this raise.

Laura, who used to be a vegan, said that she thinks the lunch prices are pretty fair because the students are eating much more than what they are paying for. She thinks the dishes are worthy because “it has adequate nutrition because of the fruits, vegetables, etc.”

Cristina answered to the same question. “Not fair lunch prices because the dishes are bad and the prices are high,” she said. “It’s not worthy because most are bad.”

Here, Laura agrees with Cristina a little bit. “I think that it’s fair because you can eat how much you want, well, except for the 20 kuai because it’s more expensive than the others and usually tastes worse.”

Even though people also have many different opinions, they still consider both sides. Even though Cristina gave some negative statements about the increase in lunch prices, she still said that she thought the prices were raised because they may want to use the money to buy better food for us. She also says that she can taste that the quality is slightly better now.

Since Cristina spent some time in Italy, she compared the food here to the food in Italy. “In Italy, there is just bad pizza and bad pasta everyday. In some ways the food is pretty similar,” she said.

Victoria encouraged the school by saying that the food has gotten better because of the new, different choices that now fit different people’s taste.

And the food does fit many people’s taste. Laura, as a former vegan, said that she liked the sweet potatoes the school provided when she was a vegan and that the food normally tastes pretty good.

Even though our school does not have an area for vegetarians because “there aren’t enough of us”, as Laura says, vegans can still find what they want to eat. Since people who only eat vegetables can find what they like in our school’s cafeteria, others who eat meat may also be able to find what they like in the three different kinds of food provided.

In general, most students interviewed said they support the cafeteria because the quality has increased. Nevertheless, there are still some people who dislike the food a lot or are not accustomed to the flavors.


MAP testing

This year we are replacing our former SAT10 standardized testing with the MAP test, which is more closely aligned with our Common Core curriculum and gives more specific feedback to our teachers on which standards each student needs additional work on to reach core standards.   We completed testing March 15, and sent the Individual Progress Reports home with students March 31.  Please look at the chart below to see how the mean score in each of our grades compared with norms. Each 2015 NWEA grade norm was calculated based on scores of 10.2 million students attending 23,500 public schools spread across 6000 districts in 40 states, and is representative of the American school age population. 


Liberty University Hockey Team

On March 16, 2016 we had an informal hockey game in the LQ Gym with Liberty players and student volunteers on each team. Students had a lot of fun and felt honorable and proud to play with a great team, and learnt more about Hockey they never had before.

After the game we moved to the auditorium for a presentation on preparing for American College through athletics and benefits of athletic scholarships. They also shared several High Schools in US and Canada that have strong Hockey programs. 

While the focus will be on Hockey, they made relevant and encouraging for our student athletes in other sports as well.

The team handed out the attached brochure and free tickets to the Ice Hockey game between Liberty and the China National Junior Team Wednesday night at 7:30, and also for the game between Liberty and the 2nd ranked Korean team Friday evening at 7:30. Students and teachers went to the game were surprised how hockey team were and had great time watching them playing.


SMIC Raises Over 180,000元 in Annual Charity Sale
       By: Tracia Pan (E7)

SMIC school hosted a charity sale at BHG Mall on December 12 and 13th. Students made crafts to sell, and several students performed as individuals or in groups. The ET Drama class also performed. The school raised more than 180,000 yuan, which benefitted two orphanages. 


Sandstorm Volleyball Season
       By: Spring Li (E9) and Caroline Shen (E7)

The SMIC girls’ volleyball team lost its first game against Hope International School 0-3. It was a home game. “I feel that we are not ready yet, we have to practice more, so next time we can do better!” said Cindy in E6. Cinderella in E7 said she felt depressed and delighted at same time - upset because of losing, but happy that she got a chance to play. Celine from E8 said she was disappointed at the loss, but was looking forward to more practice. “Of course it never feels good to lose. I was disappointed and angry that my skills cannot compare with last year,” she said. “The team is really strong though, and I want to train more to catch up with them. It takes time to do that.”

On Thursday, November 26, the SMIC Sandstorms volleyball team played an away game against BCIS. They lost 0-2. The team left SMIC at 2:30PM, and returned at about 7:30PM. Despite the loss, the team was able to learn. Team Captain Macie from E8 said, "I think our teamwork can be improved a little, and maybe trusting each other." 

The SMIC girls’ volleyball team won their volleyball game against BWYA( Beijing World Youth Academy) on Thursday, December 17. The game was at BWYA, and the Sandstorms won 2-1. BWYA had a mixed team of boys and girls. Cindy from E6 said, “We were really happy and surprised, because they have boys in their team. The net was higher than ours too." This was the last game before volleyball tournament for SMIC school.

Keystone hosted the volleyball tournament on January 9th. The tournament was among three schools: SMIC, BIBS, and Keystone. The Sandstorms arrived at 9 AM and had four teams: three girls’ teams(teams S, M and C) and one boys’ team (team I). The Team C members were all from the volleyball B team. This was the first game that the SMIC boys had ever played. The girls won 1st, 2nd and 5th place; the boys won 2nd place. Coach Megan said that this was the best game she had ever seen the team play. 


Sandstorm Badminton Season
       By: Lucy Lu (E7)

The SMIC badminton team played their first match against Haileybury and St. Paul on November 19th at Haileybury. This was just a friendly match. The girls' double team B and mixed double team B both won first place. In the first round, Jessica and Jacqueline of Team A beat Hannah and Gigi of Team B with a score of 11-7. In the second round, Jessica and Jacqueline lost 11-7 to team B of Haileybury. However, in the third round, Jessica and Celine beat Haileybury’s A Team with the score of 11-4. In the Championship Game, Jessica and Celine beat Halieybury’s B Team with the score of 11-7. Ivan and Helen won Mixed Doubles. Richard Zhang and Jack Pan got second place in boys' doubles.

SMIC finished in second place overall by one point in the badminton singles championship tournament with Keystone on December 5th. Helen Zhou from E9 won the girls’ individual game with the score of 21-14. Macie Jones from E8 won the third place.

Coach Matthew said that he enjoyed seeing the badminton team do so well. “It’s really good to see them play hard,” he said. “They feel really accomplished when they win, and so far we’ve had some really good results.”


Middle School Soccer Season

Soccer coaches Matthew Parson and Jaime Jones led both Boys and Girls Soccer teams to first place finishes in the BASA league regular season.  Boys defeated BIBS 1-0 and Keystone 2-0 in the tournament, for a final win-loss record of 6-2 for the season.  Girls defeated St. Paul’s American School  5-0 in the championship game for a final win-tie-loss record of 3-1-1.  This was our sports programs 4th year, and we have seen dramatic program every year.  According to defensive forward Laura Brock, “Being on the soccer team strengthened not only myself, but also my relationship with others”.   Great job Sandstorms!


Fall Sports Day

This year’s Sports day was organized by the Chinese Track PE department, and was a beautiful day for the students to enjoy a variety of group games on our newly surfaced track and fields.  In middle school teams were randomly selected from all grades and both Chinese and English track, promoting school unity while challenging students to show their teamwork in overcoming all obstacles.  Check out the picture gallery below!