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       Goals of the Student Council

  1. To demonstrate and to lead activities related to good character living such as responsibility, Caring, Cooperation, etc
  2. To assist those who are in need of help; physical, emotional, and educational
  3. To help teachers accomplish a well operating English Track
  4. To work as a team

Council Positions

  • Council Chairperson – To make sure the goals of the Council are reached. This leader meets with the teachers to create ideas and to distribute work to other Council members 
  • Council Vice-chairperson – This position offers assistance to the CC and to do follow up work with CMs. When CC is absent or unable to perform his or her duty, CV takes over CC's responsibilities
  • Council Secretary-To record and document files of the Council
  • Council Treasury – To manage the finances of the Council when necessary
  • Council Members– To give assistance to the CC and CV. Duties include distribution of information and the recruitment of help
  • Council Student Advisor- To give Council Chair advice and to help make big decisions
  • Council Advisors – English Track teachers may take part in advising the Council to provide training and guidelines to the leading members and Former Council Chairpersons field.